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Dana Bree Bio

I have always had a very active, colorful and memorable dream life. These images tease and tantalize me with the questions of alternate realities, past and future lives and of course this present existence.

Of course I watched every sci fi movie I could and made fantastic costumes and masks for halloween and just because I felt like it.

But, not being independently wealthy, of course I had to make a living. I studied graphic design and painting at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. My first job was as assistant art director at a local television station in Huntington, W.Va.

Then came my move to New York City. I remember feeling like I was plugged into an electric socket. The sights and sounds were glorious to me. My first job in NY was becoming a member of a unique graphics department for NBC news. We all won an EMMY for outstanding design. I stayed there for about 5 years.

After a brief stint at CBS television as an art director for affiliate advertising, I decided the corporate life was not for me. I freelanced for awhile and then joined forces with the talented David Taub. We formed a design group with a small office on lower Broadway. We had many major clients. It was an exciting time.

I then decided to take a break from the city life and move to Zimbabwe with my new husband. He had been the head chef at Chobe Game Lodge in Botswana and knew a lot of people. We applied for and were hired to run Bumi Hills Safari Lodge on Lake Kariba. This was an experience that I will never forget; elephants and rhino and zebra and lions and hippos and cape buffalo and wart hogs and huge snakes and amazing insects and gorgeous birds and the wonderful people of Zimbabwe.

During this time in Zimbabwe, I got my private pilot's license and the stories of that saga is for another time.

After a year at Bumi Hills, a Zimbabwean businesman offered us a job to manage a fishing and diving resort on a small island, Ilha Magaruque, in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique. We jumped at the opportunity.

We stayed there for 4 years. I learned to dive and made jewelry from the shells and pearls plucked from the reef right in front of the hotel. The fisherman still went out each day in hand carved wooden dhows based on the early egyptian designs. We would buy their catch until our 2 walk-in freezers (run by diesel generators) were full. For a time, we had the only full time electricity up and down the whole coast of Mozambique so we became a favorite stopping point for people flying from points north down to South Africa. As long as their airplane could fit on our 1200 foot runway. It was a pretty tight fit and a few didn't make it. No injuries to pilots or passengers but a couple of banged up planes. You should see what gaffers tape can do. Seriously, more than one prop put together with tape to fly out.

I moved back to New York City after 5 years in Africa and honed my computer design skills and started working again. After 5 years in Africa, I decided I needed more quiet for my art so I moved to the woods of Pennsylvania. I continute to design logos and marketing materials and websites for various clients all over the US.

In 2012, I signed up for Paranormal Investigation classes and became an investigator. I then started going to psyhic development classesat Trinity Metaphysical Center in Hamburg, NJ once a week to better my understanding of mediumship and psychic phenomena. This has been so much fun and so satisfying to my soul that I feel like I am entering a new dimension of my life. I took a basic shaman weekend workshop course with teachers from the Michael Harner School of Shamanism. Very, very high-powered experience. I continue to study shamanistic practices and participate in drum circles. I seem to be moving in more interesting circles and vibrations these days and it is reflected in my happiness and my art.