Dana Bree


My Vision

The visions I get from dreaming have always been an important part of my paintings and drawings.
Sometimes it is only a small element in the corner of a painting, at other times it becomes the whole painting. A person or landscape or bird or beast may speak to me in a unique way. The fantastic in color and fabric and costume stimulate the creative in me as well as the metaphysical elements of my meditations.

Early in my travels I rafted down a jungle river in Guatamala with a small group of adventurers and macheted my way through the brush to a pyramid long forgotten. We climbed up to the top in the early morning darkness and watched the sun rise. We were surrounded by mist filled jungles, the booming sound of howler monkeys and the early morning song of toucans and parrots and egrets circling our lofty perch.

I lived in Africa for 5 years and the sights and sounds and dreams I had will forever influence the visions I see. I traveled across the Kalahari in Botswana, and slept by a river while lions roared in the night. I camped in a dry riverbank in Zimbabwe and awoke with the ground rumbling and the voices of elephants and rhinos speaking to me from my dream. This riverbed turned out to be an ancient elephant trail.

I lived on an island in the Indian Ocean for 4 years and dived among the glorious neon colored fish and corals.

These and many other experiences left an indelible mark on my psyche. I have barely touched all of the images that came to me and continue to fill my dreams.

After a long hiatus from painting I have begun again to access these visions. And let me not forget my friend Trix Rosen, an inspirational photographer who is always challenging the boundaries and Thomas Stead, my first husband, who's paintings were, and continue to be, an inspiration.

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